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Online learning platform

Title: Online learning platform
Description: Because learning is slow – Our current experience learning online is very rough. We are forced to spend lots of time searching for the right material. We are forced to drain lots of energy just to understand the basics. Because we lose focus – We start learning one thing and then the next few hours we are all over the web trying to put the puzzle together. It’s like going downstairs to dump the trash and returning several hours later after you were attacked by a grizzly bear in Las Vegas. Elastic lessons – All the tutorials in Visual School are optimized to be “stretchy”. Depending on how skilled you are you can adjust each part of the lesson to give you more or less content. Users ranging from complete beginners up to experts can consume the same set of tutorials adjusted to their own needs. Speed reading – All our tutorials will be optimized for speed reading. Our approach is to integrate carefully selected and designed graphics and animations. It will look and feel like a hybrid between text, slideshows and video all optimized for learning fast. The accent is on quality not quantity.